DRS Pico

The unique features of DRS may be easily embedded inside civilian radio used by non-military staff and units. These may include first responders, fire fighters, police, aide and assistance units as well as various professionals in need of constant, reliable radio communication.

We’ve created Pico to meet the needs of such professionals and organizations. DRS Pico is embedded into existing device, inside the PTT (push to talk) microphone switch. Upon attaching Pico to the radio devices in a given network, network key features will become instantly and seamlessly available to users.

Integrating DRS I and DRS Pico at the same network will grant the total set of features provided by DRS family:

  1. Ad hoc networking
  2. Interoperability
  3. Enhanced Command and Control
  4. Enhanced situational awareness

DRS Pico is a vital enhancement for extending the usability of deployed radio communication for non-military organizations.