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Tal Mashraky, Founder and CEO

Tal is the founder of AcceleRadio and was responsible for raising seed capital and first employees. AcceleRadio’s products were all invented by Tal; the need of these products arouse during his military compulsory and reserves service as a communications officer in several fighting units (Res. Major, Signal Corps). Tal used his experience in technological development to understand the scope of modern technologies and define the requirements for the proper implementation of the solutions.

Tal has 15 years of experience working in companies like Motorola Semiconductor and Galileo-Marvell. During the last 10 years in Marvell, Tal dealt with the development of Multi-Channels Switches, gaining expertise in developing architectures for rates up to 0.5 Terabit for a single chip.

Tal has very strong mathematical skills, was part of the Israeli mathematical youth team and developed unique mathematical algorithms for the ASIC industry, wireless networking with specialty on Layer-2 / Layer-3 algorithms.

Tal holds B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa.

Michael Szakolnik, Hardware Manager

Michael holds EE.BSc, from Kopenhagen, Denmark. He is extremely accurate and professional. Michael designed all 3 versions of C4NET PCBs since 2009. Michael is very experienced in incisive design of MIL components, knowing how to combine HW elements together to form a MIL-SPEC functioning device.

Gilad Finkelstein, Software Manager

Gilad is our SW manager & Co-Founder. Designed and wrote all C4Bridge PC software and drivers, sub-tools and GUI applications. Over 15 years in the industry. Before Gil joined Tal to start the company, Gil established, managed and maintained all IT/SW services at Guardium, (Waltham, MA) between 2004 to 2008. Guardium was little period after that bought by IBM for 225M$. Gilad lives in NY and is currently supporting our activities in the US.

Ran Aricha, R&D director.

Ran joined AcceleRadio at 2011. Ran was group leader of combined SW/HW teams, combining not only management skills but also multidisciplinary environments. AcceleRadio started developing its BFT system few months before Ran joined us, but his fingerprints are clearly seen not only in the working plans but also within the micro-architecture interfaces.
Ran was leading also the BFT activity with the IDF networks engineering team.
Ran holds E.E.B.Sc. from Ben-Gurion University and served as an artillery company commander (Res. Maj.).