AcceleRadio technology selected by US ARMY to participate in the design of the Infantry  Network Architecture . (AEWE, Spiral-I)
e-MIC field tests underground: Arlington, VA : The firefighter went to P6, I went to P3 and the Battalion Chief was in a vehicle out on the street.  It was crystal clear !  Really amazing and impressive!

DRS Family

We solve tactical radio loss of communication


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Tactical Radio

A painless cure for major tactical radio problems

  • No need in fixed infrastructure
  • Fits on top of your currently deploed radio devices


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DRS Family fits a wide variety of applications both for military and civilian use.




Civilian use...

Acceleradio solves loss of communication in tactical radio. Based on unique, patent pending technology, the company has developed an auxiliary device capable of operating with any type of tactical radio in service.

Tactical radio is prone to recurring loss of communication. Reasons range from topography, obstacles, jamming and more. Our solution is completely platform agnostic which means it can be connected to any kind of radio. Acceleradio’s solution fits both military and Homeland Security environments and forces. Solving tactical radio loss of communication is done using a small sized, lightweight auxiliary called DRS – Dynamic Relay System. Read more