C4Bridge (formerly DRS-I) is a dynamic relay system that is suitable for the Brigade and below levels and also for Interoperability missions. It controls the network connectivity and applies Ad-Hoc networking to achieve continuous Command & Control (C&C). The C4Bridge is also applicable as an interoperability box, or as a UAV airborne smart remote controlled relay.


C4B4 C4Bridge – Advanced Network Capabilities for Tactical Units

C4Bridge is planned to be portable like a VRCU or a PRCU, attached to a soldier’s vest, mounted by strips to a vehicle, or installed in a UAV’s payload.

The C4Bridge is planned to operate as a “Smart Relay” with a variety of smart features that bring to the radio communication a new dimension of clean, safe and continuous comms.

The C4Bridge human engineering and operational simplicity are very strong benefits for the users. Its automatic operation frees the commanders from the need to handle situations of loss of comms with sub-units. The C4Bridge  is an excellent aid for any signals officers, who will experience many enhanced functioned it offers.

C4Bridge some with mainly 3 variations:

C4B4 – 4 ports – the prime model. combat proven since 2010.
C4B8 – 8 ports. A combination between portability and functionality.
C4B12 – 12 ports. An excellent solution for controlling remote sites.

C4B8 - 8 ports portable integrator

C4B8 – 8 ports portable integrator