C4BRIDGE – Multifunctional Tactical Bridge

(formerly called DRS – Dynamic Relay System)

C4NETWOTKS C4BRIDGE (C4B) dramatically enhances existing set of features available in legacy and software defined tactical radio systems. C4B bridges the gap between legacy systems and future, SDR and JTRS by allowing seamless interoperability. C4B is a versatile aide for enhanced tactical communications, enabling single channel based relays, ad hoc networking and beyond line of sight communication. C4B is capable of transmitting and receiving even while channel is being jammed and provides advanced remote control operation capabilities.

C4B supports any radio, any phone, any terminal and any audio device existing in the field, or in use by first responders worldwide.

C4B is programmable and gives high flexibility to any formation of bridging, talk-groups, muted ports etc…

C4B has been tested in a series of rigorous lab and field tests and has been declared operational in Q3 2010. Since then, the C4B was deployed dozens of times, in many many countries.



The C4NETWORKS C4Bridge technology (formerly AcceleRadio technology) is based on an innovative approach: It enables any radio in the network to become a dynamic relay station or a network processor  with new capabilities. A tactical radio network that is equipped with the C4B units gains new features: Ad-Hoc Networking, Interoperability, Controllability, enhanced C&C capability, high mobility and more. The core technology of the C4B is based on a switch that gives intelligence to the network/radio. Its embedded software defines a switch that analyzes and manages all the traffic that its’ connected radio receives.

Intellectual Property

All C4BRIDGE products are protected by a registered patent that was filed in the US patent office and in PCT (2008).