The Problem

Tactical radio is prone to recurring loss of communication. Reasons range from topography, obstacles, jamming and more. Such problems result in loss of radio communication between and within operating units. Absence of reliable communication has a dramatic effect on the efficacy of tactical units and hampers commanders’ ability to command and control their unit in combat. Missions such as close coordination between maneuvering units, close fire support and life saving evacuation are extremely hard to execute unless unfailing tactical radio is in place.

Tactical radio devices by the millions all over the world, are aging fast. Today’s combat tactical radio capabilities are nowhere near to has been commercially available for years at the tips of the fingers of any 18 years old cellular phone user. Due to the great investments required, it is likely to assume that current tactical devices are here to stay, and any migration process to software define radio/JTRS systems will take years.


Our Solution

Acceleradio offers a comprehensive set of features for tactical units’ radio communication, while taking into account the need to bridge existing Legacy systems with newer software defined radio systems.

Acceleradio’s solution is platform agnostic and does not require any fixed infrastructure. It is easy to deploy and fits any major radio device in service with minor software modifications.

Basic Deployment

If we take an infantry company for example, we add 1 DRS I device (and another for the company commander’s deputy) and 1 DRS Micro for each platoon commander. Such setup will allow the commanders in the company to maintain uninterrupted communication even if one of the platoon commanders lose direct communication with his company commander.